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topic "figure":

Jim Avignon (paintings, works on paper)

Peter Franck (photographs) 

G.A.W. (photographs)

Eva Koberstein (paintings, works on paper, ceramics) 

Justyna Koeke (sculptures, installations) 

Christiane Köhne (paintings, works on paper) 

Kirsten Lampert
(paintings, works on paper)

Klaus Mellenhin (photographs)

Annette Meincke-Nagy (sculptures)

Wolfgang Neumann (paintings, works on paper)

Yves Noir (photographs)
Jürgen Palmer (films, filmstills, multimedia)

Axel Teichmann (paintings)

Nele Waldert (sculptures)

Oliver Wetterauer (small paintings)

topic "architecture":

Marc Dittrich (photographs, sculptures)

Daniel & Geo Fuchs (photographs)

Uli Gsell (sculptures, prints)

Johanna Jakowlev (paintings, works on paper) 

Hartmut Landauer (paintings, wallsculptures, polaroids) 

Martin Leuze (photographs) 

Andreas Opiolka (paintings, works on paper, photographs) 

Josh von Staudach (panorama photographs)

Mark Thompson (paintings, works on paper)

Susanne Wegner (photographs)

topic "nature":

Jenny Brosinski (paintings) 

Yi Zheng Lin (objects)

Ute Litzkow (works on paper) 

Claudia Thorban (works on paper, installations) 

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