Happy 2018 and welcome to the homepage of the gallery “Schacher – Raum für Kunst” at the Galerienhaus in Breitscheidstraße 48, in the heart of Stuttgart! The exhibition "Neufundland" starts on Friday 19th January 2018 and runs till 17th March 2018.

Courage comes at the beginning of action, happiness at the end”, Democritus is said to have uttered. I have recently begun to hear the word “courage” more often, namely when I explain that I am opening my own gallery. After nearly five years as a permanent employee at Galerie Schlichtenmaier and numerous large-scale independent projects I have found the “courage” to become – as it is so beautifully called – self-employed.
The exhibition programmes of the three Galerienhaus galleries (new in the team: Andreas Kerstan) complement each perfectly.

Marko Schacher